My name is Danny Tal; I'm the son of Leah (Shapira) Tal and Meir (Meirko) Tal from Kibbutz Ramat HaShofet, Israel. Before World War II my mother Leah Shapira lived with her family in Dotnuva, Lithuania. Her family included her parents Shlomo and Nechama (Lebenberg) Shapira, and their children according to their birth order: Miriam, Moshe, Freida, Shoshanna, Leah and Pesia. The father was a religious Zionist, as was the whole family. They spoke Hebrew and Yiddish at home.

Shoshanna was the first to leave home, immigrating to Israel in 1933. The second to leave home was Frieda (Shulamit), who was sent in 1935 to New-York to live with her aunt Mary, her mother's sister. The last to leave was my mother Leah, who immigrated to Israel in March 1937 after receiving her pioneer training from “Hashomer Hatzir”. She was among the founders of Kibbutz Ramat HaShofet. Their parents, brother, and the rest of her sisters were murdered by the Nazis and their helpers.

In 1998, after Frieda's death in New-York, her son Norman Danzig found a collection of letters that had been sent to her; more than half were written in Yiddish and the rest in Hebrew.

In memory of the family we are publishing here the collection of letters that were sent to Frieda from her family in the years 1935-1941. The last letter was sent on 30 May, 1941. The collection includes around 90 letters in Hebrew and in Yiddish.

If anyone recognizes and knows any more information about the above family and other people that mentioned in the letters, please contact me.

Danny Tal
Kibbutz Ramat HaShofet, 19238

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